Ryan Alexander Henyard


I am a Learning Informatics Analyst at the University of Michigan’s Medical School.  We serve the academic mission of the Medical School to help design workflows and capture the information necessary for effective learning and teaching.  

In previous roles, I specialized in Desktop Virtualization and related technologies, including Application Virtualization & Windows desktop imaging.  For the past 10 years, I have worked to strengthen the academic mission of the University by building and operating supporting technologies.

Outside of work, I’m a jack of all trades.  I enjoy building computers and tinkering with gadgets and electronics, website and graphic design, as well as digital photography. I love playing video games, both new and old, and occasionally stream my playthroughs on Twitch.  Whether it’s reading manga, watching anime, laughing at manzai comedy or improving my fluency through music, I’m always interacting with Japanese culture in some form or another.

As a native Detroiter and proud alumnus of the University of Michigan, I’m committed to improving educational outcomes for underprivileged and underrepresented students.  I am always looking out for the next opportunity to expand access to higher education, through established organizations and programs or new ventures.