Kanpeki Candidate

Each atom sings to me
Set me free
From chains of the physical

The first perfect song candidate is one that I have some reservations about posting – not because of its quality, but because its so good it feels a shame to post it first.  I’ve always been a big fan of Maaya, both as a top-tier seiyuu as well as an artist; this song has a very simple formula:

Steve Conte (of Wolf’s Rain & Bebop OST fame) + Maaya Sakamoto’s gliding vocals + Yoko Kanno’s composition and lyrics = win.

It’s really that simple.  The song starts off slow and mysterious, and slowly folds more energy into each successive verse.  The emotive lyrics are some of Kanno’s best, and the mixture of English & Japanese in the chorus doesn’t come off as a forced implementation, but rather exactly the way it was meant to be.

(music geek moment: the melody that Maaya sings over the chorus just might sound familiar if you’ve spent a lot of time listening to classical music or opera – the melody here is adapted from the song Povlotsikan Dance from the Russian opera Prince Igor.  After I had already fallen in love with this song, I heard the melody played on the carillion bells at the Burton bell tower here in Ann Arbor -you have no clue how long it took me to figure out where it came from.)

I should use this first post to emphasize that i’m not ranking these songs – since that’s impossible.  However, i’d like to hear from everyone what songs are perfect in their minds.  And (looking at the playlist I started for this feature) that makes 1 down, and at least 37 to go.

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